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Power of Synchronicity

written by Julio Salazar 13. May 2016

Julio Salazar joined the Responsible Leaders Network of the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt in 2015.
It was during a toasty bonfire on a dark and chilly hillside in Valle del Bravo – Mexico, sharing personal visions to transform business, alongside other Responsible Leaders that he understood the tremendous impact a few individuals can harness for a greater good. That evening they all felt the power of synchronicity.

During the past four years, he has participated in the creation of three social enterprises (Impact Hub DF, Cirklo and Fuckup Nights). He currently serves as Executive Director of Cirklo, a social enterprise that combines innovation consultancy and entrepreneurial approaches to help businesses connect with NGOs to realize greater social impact. And is also, 1 of 5 cofounders of Fuckup Nights, a global movement (+130 citites in +40 countries) where well-known entrepreneurs share their stories of failure in life, business and love in order to learn from them.