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Plus royaliste que le roi ?

written by Osama Abdelmoghni 19. May 2016

Alright. So I’m finally seated in front of the Information Desk at the Hilton Park lobby, waiting for Reponsible Leaders I know (and others I’m anxious to get to know) to show up and say hello, and writing this post. The title was inspired from a short conversation we (Chris, Maja, and myself) quickly had on our way back to the hotel yesterday. Chris was sitting in the taxi trunk (yup, but that’s another story!) telling Maja how he finally got to post his song on the blog, and she was urging me to just stop thinking about what to write and… Just do it! Well, here it is!

It is interesting though, that as much as I push clients to stop thinking too much about perfection and just get their ideas out there, I tend to fall into the same trap myself, even when it comes to a simple blog post. The joke, yesterday, was that I have become too French, overthinking things and trying to do them in the most “pertinent” way possible. This is, of course, a stereotype; the French are actually quite productive*. But like some stereotypes, it may be one that springs into existence only because you may believe in it.

That all said, I must say that with all the traveling around that I do (and oh boy do I travel around!) and all the people from different cultures that I meet, the one gathering that brings about a wonderful experience is the Responsible Leaders Forum. It is an immense pleasure to get together with a group of intelligent, multi-cultural, cross-sectoral, energetic people. And even though we get to mingle for such a short time, we always come out with so much done, and so much fun!

* You can look at numbers from bls.gov, tradingeconomics.com, or even economist.com, whatever they may mean to you, since I personally find most measurements of productivity in neo-classical economic quite flawed.