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A person is a person because of people

written by Imran Simmins 23. May 2016

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In South Africa we try to live up to the philosophy of “ubuntu” taken from the Zulu saying, “umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu,” it simply means as the title implies, I am because you are.

So because you are, I too am now a Responsible Leader.

Taken from an old German tradition of giving back, a family business made a pledge to give back to its community. Birthing BMW Foundation, that works to continue the brand not through financial profit but servitude leading humane gain and spiritual growths.

We leave behind us the fun and the sun and joy of connecting with our selves and then others. Some were known to us others not, but in the end, we found a common connect.

Shout out to my girl Ilka who interviewed me for the 6th class of the International Diplomats Programme (the last IDP that BMW Foundation partnered and that ended coincidentlally almost 1 year to the day) that led me to the Global Diplomacy Lab (GDL) and now to this…

I journey on to Bonn now, where I will be engaged in Climate discussion then back to Berlin for normal work and GDL IV (OOH! OOH!) and life and husbandhood and fatherhood and ramadaan and summer.

Perhaps we will meet in Africa and perhaps I will buy her that Bebsi and perhaps not, but with all of that nothing remains the same because now I am…