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Munich’s Hot Spots

written by Catherine Mueller-Wenk 29. April 2016

For many, Munich is a homey Bavarian city boasting traditional beer gardens, beautiful parks, and picturesque onion domes. For others, the Bavarian capital is after-work drinks in fancy bars, extraordinary modern architecture, and illegal surfing in the city center. Welcome to all of that – and more!

During the 5th World Responsible Leaders Forum, several Munich-based Responsible Leaders will welcome their fellow forum participants and show them their city: One tour takes us on a behind-the-scenes look at the Allianz Arena where we can experience the atmosphere from the point of view of a professional soccer player. In the Olympic Park, participants can discover historic und hidden sites including a “hike” to enjoy a great view over Munich. Interested in the power of water? If so, another tour introduces us to a state-of-the-art hydro-electric power plant: Participants will learn more about the work of the famous Isar raftsmen and find out about renaturation projects along the urban river basin of the Isar.

The BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt wants to thank all contributors in Munich for their efforts and hospitality.