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Meet the Open Space

written by Elisabeth Cramer 9. May 2016
Open Space

The Open Space is your opportunity to set the agenda. The format is powered by Impact Hub, a global network that engages a unique set of hosting practices and principles to enable collaboration in 80+ values-driven entrepreneurial communities around the world. A team of experienced facilitators will host the Open Space, initiating discussions or debates, facilitating connections, and enabling meaningful collaboration. Taking place in Wappenhalle from 12:30 – 5 PM  on Saturday, May 21, the Open Space engages three main formats:

  1. Open Stage: Forum to express yourself creatively in a manner distinct from the rest of the conference (e.g. artistic expression via song, dance, instrumental music, story-telling).
  2. Co-creation Sessions: Hear a series of rapid presentations of ideas and projects from BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders and choose which co-creation session to join. Leave with solutions and concrete next steps to take these forward.
  3. Spontaneous Collaboration: Arrive with an issue and a group to discuss it with. Leave with commitments, solutions, and concrete next steps to take these forward.

If you’re interested in reserving a time to lead a co-creation session or to share your art on the Open Stage, please contact Joscha Lautner joscha.lautner@impacthub.net. Stay tuned for updates as the agenda takes shape, and be sure to take part in this unique experience.