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How to follow and share content from the 5th World Responsible Leaders Forum

written by Barbara Müller 19. May 2016
5th World Responsible Leaders Forum - The Power of the Network: Building Connections to Make a Difference

Photo: Joerg Koch/BMW Stiftung Herbert Quandt

The 5th World Responsible Leaders Forum brings together people from more than 70 countries, leaders from business, government and civil society. Together, we want to explore ideas and organizations that tackle some of our societies’ most pressing challenges and drive structural social change. Thus, the forum’s guiding theme is “100 Innovations for Change.” The forum takes place from May 19 to 22 in Munich.

Here are some ways to find out what happens at the forum and to follow the program:


During the forum, we will publish articles and blog posts by some of our participants at www.responsible-leaders.org.
If you are a forum participant and want to contribute to the blog: great!
Please contact catherine.mueller-wenck@bmw-stiftung.de to get your access details.

For the complete program details, please visit our website www.bmw-stiftung.org.


The forum hashtag is #wrlf2016. Other hashtags around the main topics of the forum include:

#socent – social entrepreneurship

#socinn – social innovation

#socimp – social impact

#impinv – impact investment











You might want to follow the Foundation’s accounts @bmwfoundation (English) or @bmwstiftung (German). You can also follow the list of BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders on Twitter: @bmwstiftung/Responsible Leaders
… and let us know if you are a Responsible Leader but have not been added to the list yet!

Facebook and LinkedIn

Like our Facebook page for regular updates on the forum.

And, if you are part of the BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network, join our groups at




A selection of photos of the 5th World Responsible Leaders Forum will be made available in a public album on Flickr .

Bring it on!