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Au revoir !

written by Osama Abdelmoghni 22. May 2016
5th World Responsible Leaders Forum - World Responsible Leaders Cup
Photo: Joerg Koch/BMW Stiftung Herbert Quandt

It was so short. But then moments of pleasure, or any spike of emotion, that do not last long are cherished even more and are ever sought after. We will meet again. Until then, please do send a word, a letter, a poem, a thought, a request, a complaint, a smile, … I reply to them all. If I am convinced with all what we have been hearing during the past 3 days about how rich our network is with its human element, I believe even more firmly in the power of contact and dialog between its members. And to end on a high-end note, nothing more powerful than a Chris-in-a-trunk, than a Chris-on-stage. Enjoy the snippet: https://youtu.be/9tKh-dHXmmE