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Tasty food and drinks with a Social Purpose

written by Catherine Mueller-Wenk 4. May 2016
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Feeding 500 hungry and thirsty participants during a four-day event is a major logistical effort. So it is good to know that we can count on the help of Kuchentratsch, Viva con Agua, and Quartiermeister – our social business service providers! Not only food and drinks: Thanks to Lernwerkstatt and manomama, our facility management and clothing will also be in the hands of social enterprises.

The choice was not an accidental one: The BMW Foundation actively promotes, supports and advises stakeholders who are committed to creating a better society. To this end, we cooperate with socially oriented service providers for the World Responsible Leaders Forum. They are either social enterprises working in the food service sector or companies whose corporate profile includes a social purpose.

Kuchentratsch is bringing together elderly citizens and students to bake cakes that are then sold to cafés, catering companies, canteens or individuals. Quartiermeister is a social business run by an owner-managed private brewery and is cooperating with independent local associations to decide on how to best use its funds. Viva con Agua is a network of people and organizations committed to providing universal access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation.

Lernwerkstatt offers vocational training to young refugees, aiding their integration into society. As painters, electricians or plumbers, they help maintain the infrastructure of the refugee reception centers. Manomama produces ecological textiles under transparent and fair conditions.